Manish Bhimani


TWO IS A COMPANY AND THREE IS ? In his case a “HELPING HAND”. Very eager to join his elder brothers in the family business, Shri Manish with 16 year of experience behind him, left no stone unturned, in taking pains to study the business of this Utility Services Trade of Site Handlings, Materials Procurements, etc. after completion of his Academic Career.

Facing all hardships at Project sites, and handicaps of interaction relationships, he braved the situations to effectively handle the assignments entrusted on him by his elders. He is confident in his knowledge gained and successfully & single-handedly managing his project sites.

He readily accepted challenge poised by Apollo Hospital Group for their most modern Hospital Complex in Ahmedabad and re-birth of Metro Cinema as a latest Multiplex. No need to mention that he came out with flying colours by remaining at site from very start to handing over.

So strongly he has established bonds with leading Consultants/Architects that now he has taken up National Marketing of all Group Companies, so that his elder brother, Dilip Bhimani, can concentrate on Off Shore marketing.